Where Does the Money Go?

Journey 4 A Cure was formed with several goals. As part of our 501c3 application to gain non-profit status with the IRS our objectives were stated as follows:

1. To raise money to fund research.
2. To raise awareness and galvanize the public to support efforts to advance research for a cure.
3. To provide benevolence assistance and resources to children and families affected by childhood cancer.
4. To enhance the quality of life for children and their families by fulfilling special requests.

Educational / Fundraising Activities
All of our efforts are supported by fundraising activities. Such activities have included, and will include, run/walk events, golf tournaments, family fun day events, and galas. Such events will be for the purpose of raising awareness of and educating the public on the statistics of childhood cancer, while also accepting donations to further the mission of our organization.

Grant-making for Cancer Research

We are in the process of assessing where the the funds raised will provide the greatest impact. It is our goal to ensure that funding be given to the most cutting edge research into finding more effective treatments and ultimately a cure. We will support research by accepting and approving requests for funding in the form of grants. The application process will ensure an accurate identification of research that presents the greatest opportunity for impact or medical advancement in fighting pediatric cancer. A substantial proportion of funds raised will be dedicated to awarding research grants. Each application will be carefully reviewed based on criteria specified and approved by the Board. Additionally, in the future we would like to collaborate with other organizations to identify and fund research at a greater level.

Benevolence Assistance
We have also established a Benevolence Fund to assist families struggling with expenses related to medical treatment for childhood cancer. The escalating costs associated with medical treatment can be devastating. Due to a lack of resources many families find themselves in financial crisis, so we will commit approximately 15% of our resources to assisting these families. Applicants will be asked to submit a form that supports their need to receive financial assistance. The Board will carefully review each application based on criteria specified and adopted in advance by the Board and use its discretion to determine appropriate recipients of assistance.

Grant-making to Fulfill Special Requests of Children Struggling with Cancer
Additionally, the Board will allocate a portion of its proceeds to fulfilling special requests submitted by children and families whose quality of life has been compromised by intense treatment protocols. Children are often isolated and spend a majority of their time in the hospital. Journey 4 A Cure, Inc. will review requests to enhance the quality of life for such children based on criteria specified and adopted in advance by the Board and use its discretion to determine the requests that are appropriate to fulfill. An example would be visiting a hospital with gift baskets or Christmas gifts.

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Journey 4ACure is inspired by Declan Carmical