What Can You Do?

What can you do to help turn September GOLD –
- Work – ask everyone at work to wear yellow or gold to spread awareness one day a week in September, e.g., go gold Friday.  See if you can get this promoted through local media.
- School – get your school involved participate in pajama day, crazy hair day, go GOLD Friday, adopt a brave warrior, send cards to hospitalized kids
- Sporting Events – ask sports teams to wear gold to show support for childhood cancer awareness month
- Community – Ask your neighbors/friends to post a yellow ribbon on their mailbox, participate or organize a fundraiser, make your card a moving bill board #gogoldinSeptember

WHY? Help spread the awareness about the needs of pediatric cancer research, each day 36 kids are diagnosed with cancer, each day 7 kids die. In September alone, 1,080 children in the U.S. will be diagnosed with cancer, 20% of those children will be terminal on diagnosis, their parents will be told, there is no hope, no cures, no known treatments due to the lack of research. In the month of September 210 children will die horrible deaths as a result of pediatric cancer. Money for research will change this picture.

The US government provides less than 4% of the Research budget for pediatric cancer research. The American Cancer Society follow suit designating less than 1 penny of every dollar raised to pediatric cancer. We need research to develop cures, treatments and protocols to give our kids hope and change this picture.


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