Make Childhood Cancer Research a Priority

Please tweet, email, call, write Congress and tell them that childhood cancer research should be a PRIORITY in the Federal budget not an afterthought!

The Federal Government spends billions on research each year, your tax dollars at work, despite compelling statistics childhood cancer research is at the bottom of the list in terms of funding priorities, this is wrong!  Our kids deserve to be a priority, they deserve pediatric protocols, treatments, cures and hope!  

Find information to contact your representatives at and … together we can demand funding and bring cures to the table for kids!

Tell Congress that childhood cancer is the #1 disease related killer of kids in the U.S. and that funding childhood cancer research should be a national priority. When making funding decisions NIH does not take into account that thousands of children are dying each and every year, or the burden of this disease on children and families. This is not a matter of more money, but a matter of priorities. Children count on us to protect them and we are failing when it comes to childhood cancer. Cures are on the horizon but we must invest in childhood cancer research.

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