If you know of a child battling cancer that would benefit from an iPAD please encourage them to apply.  The application and criteria for the iPad program are found below. J4AC seeks to enhance the lives of kids battling cancer through our iPad program. Ipads facilitate a child’s communication with friends and family during long hospital stays, ipads help kids stay on track at school, provide them with entertainment during long treatments and most of all bring smiles to these brave kids.

We use the following criteria for the application decisions: kids who have long treatment periods ahead of them; kids in-patient, who spend lengthy periods of time in isolation and/or away from family, siblings, friends; kids who are in regular out-patient programs that make long drives to and from facilities on a regular basis; kids receiving lengthy treatments on a regular basis; kids who have no access to any type of computer or electronic device; children spending long periods away from school where an iPad would assist in staying on track; and children that might derive physical therapy benefit through use of applications that assist with motor skills, etc.  The program is intended to facilitate a child’s communication with friends and family, to allow them to utilize apps that might help them through tough treatments, improve skills, stay on grade level during absences from school, provide entertainment and create smiles for brave kids that are fighting a horrible battle with cancer each and every day.

Download the Application (sorry it still says 2013 but this is the application we are using)

Please send applications to

  1. or
  2. mail a hard copy application to Journey4ACure, 43300-116 Southern Walk Plaza #649, ATTN: iPad Application, Broadlands, VA 20148

All fields on applications must be completed in order to be considered.   We need completed filled out forms in order to evaluate applications based on criteria.  It is very important that the application provide date of diagnosis, projected length of treatment, travel distance from home to facility, number of times a month child must travel to and from treatment, name of facility, name, phone # and signature of attending physician must be included It is critical that a legible signature of the physician be included on the application.  Treatment periods as well as benefits of iPad to the child should be clearly indicated on the application.  Incomplete or unsigned applications may be returned or deferred to the next period in order to get additional information. 

Again we receive so many applications, and incomplete applications go to the bottom of the pile, please help us by filling out the application completely.    If the application is missing information and/or signatures we may return it and ask you to reapply

CRITERIA for applicants

  • A permanent U.S. Resident with permanent address provided.  (If you are in temporary housing at a medical facility, please provide permanent address as well as temporary address)
  • One application per family
  • Children between the ages of 3 and 18 with a diagnosis of cancer
  • Children must currently be in treatment, with projected dates, length of treatment identified, please specify whether the treatment is in-patient or out-patient
  • Applications include name and location of treatment facility, current residence, distances to and from facility for out-patient treatment
  • Applications include signature of parent or guardian
  • Applications must be signed by physician supporting request of cancer diagnosis and treatment.  Physicians name and phone number must be clearly identified on the application.

Submit the completed application via email to or mail your completed application to Journey4ACure, ATTN:  iPad application, 433300-116 Southern Walk Plaza #649, Broadlands, VA  20148 and send an email to advising that you have mailed a hard copy application

How can you support the iPad program?

Thanks to wonderful sponsors of the iPad program we have been able to deliver more than 500 iPads to children .

Our supporters include –

  • Joyce Koons Honda Buick GMC - they send 2 amazing iPad boxes each and every month
  • the Virginia sales team from KHovnanian Homes
  • Fairfax Station Nest Egg, Fairfax Center, VA
  • Clark Greenway Golf Championship
  • Primrose Academy of Ashburn, they designated J4AC as the charity of choice for their Spring Fling
  • Checkpoint Systems of Ashburn
  • Jennifer Rivera & family
  • Cypress Gardens Corvette Club, Inc of Lakeland, FL
  • Friends from Warrenton, VA who put on a vendor market event in May.  Cathy Chinault, Jenn Parker, Karen Hanson and Donna Osborne
  • Christy Shook and children from her class
  • Gretchen Roberts of Texas
  • the many friends of Diana Casey who have faithfully donated each quarter
  • Danielle Blugrind who sponsored 6 iPads in memory of her husband
  • Giving back – from Bradley’s family, Aunt and Grandpa (Bradley received an iPad earlier from J4AC)
  • Angela Killinger’s children who raised money for an iPad this summer and their class who packed the box to send to a child battling cancer
  • Laura Hoyler and her groups efforts to collect items for the iPad boxes – a wonderful success and help
  • Other wonderful donors – Kathy Linus, Mary Indrisano, Jo Hanlon, Bradley Hirst, Philip Grande, Seth Richer, Cathy & Amanda Adkins, Butch Palaza, William Johnson, Laura Mills, Donald Benjamin, Joan & Elwood Huff, Betty & Jim Boswell, Tom & Gail Kane, the Damato family, Nichole Dash, Angela & Michael Basta, Allison Kaler, Edna Melendez, Danny & Shannon Jones, the Paredes family, the Ortifelli family and so many more.

This program would not be possible without wonderful supporters, and the iPad program brings so much to the challenging lives of kids battling cancer!  Thank you!

Donations to the iPad program can be made by using our website’s paypal program or by sending a check to our corporate address – J4AC, 43300-116 Southern Walk Plaza, #649, Broadlands, VA  20148.  Please annote through paypal or on your check that the donation supports the iPad program.

Fundraisers are also a great way to support the iPad program.  If you are interested in holding a fundraiser to sponsor one child or to raise funds for several iPads please let us know.  Some ideas include a business fundraiser, joining together with friends, family or co-workers for a fundraiser to sponsor an iPad, or a favorite is kids helping kids like Christy Shook’s class that raised enough money for a fellow 10 year old battling cancer or generous kids like Jessica who asked for donations to the iPad program inlieu of gifts.  Her generosity provided funds to support 2 iPads last year — WOW!


Another way that will help us provide iPads to more kids is donations.  If you are updating to a new version of an iPad, please consider donating your old iPad to this program.  We will have old iPads refurbished to help meet the need. Please use the “contact us” tab or send an email to to let us know that you are interested in making a tax deductible donation of a used iPad.

Download the Application

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