Make Childhood Cancer Research a Priority

Please tweet, email, call, write Congress and tell them that childhood cancer research should be a PRIORITY in the Federal budget not an afterthought! The Federal Government spends billions on research each year, your tax dollars at work, despite compelling statistics childhood cancer research is at the bottom of the list in terms of funding priorities, [...]


CureFest 2015 – Save the date – September 19&20, 2015 — CureFest 2014 was a wonderful weekend with Hill visits, a White House meeting, a gathering of childhood cancer supporters at the National’s stadium in Washington, DC, a candlelight vigil at the White House, a Walk, great speaks and thousands attending the event.  CureFest 2015 [...]


Journey4ACure – Small but mighty! With the help of many, we have had a solid year, providing $70 thousand to research, ipads to 100 kids and participating in CureFest and other events to spread awareness about the lack of research funding. So very many to thank – – GIVE BACK CAMPAIGN – Joyce Koons Honda [...]

iPad Program

We are currently accepting applications for the iPad program. We use the following to help us approve applications: kids who have long treatment periods ahead of them; kids in-patient, who spend lengthy periods of time in isolation and/or away from family, siblings, friends; kids who are in regular out-patient programs that make long drives to [...]

Childhood Cancer Research

Journey4ACure selected Dr. Michael Jensen, and his work at Seattle Children’s, as our research of choice.  Over the past 3 years with your support we have provided $190 thousand for Dr. Jensen’s immunotherapy research program which has made big strides in 2014.    Dr. Jensen has been selected as part of the Stand Up to Cancer and St. [...]

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